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Self-Employed Builder Wins Compensation for Accident at Work

Mr R was a 64 year old self-employed building contractor from Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire who had been retained by the Defendants to carry out repair and renovations works on a substantial countryside property in Llansteffon in Wales.

Mr R was involved in two incidents at work. In the first incident he was renovating a stone wall when a scaffolding plank became detached and struck him on the shoulder. It knocked him to the ground from the trestle on which he was working.

Later that same afternoon whilst assisting a colleague, he tripped and fell on an uneven area of concrete paving. Mr R struck his head and was knocked out temporarily.

Following these two incidents, Mr R suffered headaches and occasionally experienced interference with his vision. The headaches and visual problems continued until approximately two months after the accident when he suffered a severe stroke which had a debilitating effect upon him.

Mr R consulted us and we agreed to pursue his injury claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The claim was advanced on the basis that the employer owed a duty of care to Mr R as an employee to provide a safe place of work. Liability was initially denied with the Defendant arguing that it had no direct control over the way in which Mr R carried out his work. They also alleged that in any event the broken and uneven area of concrete did not constitute a hazard.

Despite the denial of liability, we pressed on with the claim and medical evidence obtained from an A & E Consultant. The medical evidence was disputed by the insurers and as a consequence a report from a Consultant Neurological Physician and a Neuro-Radiologist was obtained. The main medical question in this case was whether the Claimant’s stroke could be attributed to the head injury he had suffered at work. All of the medical experts agreed that Mr R’s stroke was, on the balance of probabilities, a direct result of his accident at work. For informaton about head injury compensaton click here

As a consequence, and given the Defendant’s denial of liability, Mr R decided to put forward an offer to settle a claim in the sum of £45,000, to take into account evidential difficulties his case faced and the issue of contributory negligence. The Defendants accepted Mr R’s offer and as a consequence, despite the denial of liability, Mr R received the full sum of £45,000 as compensation.