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John Wins Compensation for Manchester Tram Accident Victim

Our client was returning home from work in Manchester at approximately 7.30 in the evening.  She was travelling on a tram betweenVictoria train station and Piccadilly bus station. 

She waited until the tram came to a complete stop before standing in order to get off.  Suddenly the tram lurched forward, causing her to lose her balance and fall.  It had been raining that day and the floor was wet.  The tram driver appeared to acknowledge the accident but did not stop to give any assistance. 

Our client suffered a fractured ankle which required surgery as a result of the injury involving the tram.  She therefore consulted us and specialist personal injury solicitor, John Hasson was assigned to the case. John is an experienced PI lawyer and partner and had no hesitation in agreeing to take on the accident claim on a no win no fee basis.

We submitted a Letter of Claim but the tram operators denied liability on the basis that their tram drivers were properly trained and that it was not possible for the tram to lurch forward in the manner described.  In addition, the defendants relied upon the wet weather conditions. 

As liability for the accident was denied, John arranged to issue court proceedings.  The defendants did not put forward any witness evidence to support their version of events and the PI claim was ultimately listed for trial. 

As is often the case in injury claims, behind the scenes negotiations took place on a ‘without prejudice’ basis. Both sides put forward settlement offers and our client finally accepted an award of compensation of approximately £17,500 in settlement of her injury claim, plus her legal costs. 

Under our 100% compensation guarantee our client received all her compensation without any deductions.

This is a good example of how it can be worth persevering with an accident claim even when the defendant strenuously deny liability. 

Because we ensure that all serious accident claims are dealt with by experienced, specialist PI solicitors, we are confident in our ability to recover injury compensation and achieve an outcome that our clients desire.

At Slee Blackwell we do not deal with claims on a mass volume scale. We treat our clients as people, not just a number. And because we do not employ an army of unqualified paralegals we ensure that claims are dealt with by PI lawyers who have the appropriate level of expertise and experience. In most cases your accident claim will in fact be dealt with by a partner.