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Tripping Accident Compensation Claims

Swansea Tripper Wins Compensation for Fractured Wrist 

We have recently represented a gentleman from Swansea, South Wales in his claim for compensation for injury sustained in a tripping accident.

The accident occurred whilst our client was making his way along a public footpath in theSwanseaarea.  There had previously been metal railings in place but the Fire Service had been asked to remove them. However, part of the supporting post remained protruding above ground level. 

Our client did not notice the protruding post and caught his foot on it, causing him to lose balance and fall over.  He fell heavily, suffering a fractured wrist.

Specialist personal injury solicitor, John Hasson, was then appointed to bring a claim for compensation on a no win fee basis.

A Letter of Claim was sent to the local authority inSwanseawhose insurers denied liability.  Further enquiries were made of the local Fire Service to establish the exact circumstances surrounding the removal of the original railings. Despite these enquiries the local authority still maintained their denial of liability. 

A medical report was obtained dealing with the injuries suffered in the tripping accident and we were then forced to issue court proceedings against the local authority. 

Shortly after the court proceedings were served we made an offer to settle the accident claim for the sum of £3,000. Despite their denial of liability the local authority accepted the offer and the claim was concluded with our client receiving his £3,000 compensation in full, with no deductions, in accordance with our 100% compensation guarantee. 

This is another example of the hard line that many local authorities take in personal injury claims so as to deter people pursuing these cases.  However it is clear that in a significant number of matters where formal court proceedings are issued the local authority will be forced to reconsider its initial response and agree to make a payment of compensation to the accident victim. 

In tripping claims involving local authorities it is always worth investigating matters fully before deciding whether or not to proceed with the claim as not all local authorities have suitable inspection procedures in place. 

Our team of specialist personal injury solicitors take a resolute and determined approach to these cases and their perseverance and professionalism frequently pays off with significant compensation awards being made to clients in cases where liability is initially disputed.

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