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Tripping at work

You would hope that on your first day in a new job you would not be going home in an ambulance, but this was exactly what happened to our client `Mrs B’.  As she left the office on her first day at work she tripped over the raised corner of a mat in the doorway and seriously fractured her femur.  Sadly the client had already undergone a hip replacement prior to her trip and the accident at work compromised the success of the surgery she had undergone.

In most tripping claims the claimant is subject to what personal injury solicitors call contributory negligence. In simple terms this means that the accident victim is partly to blame for the accident themselves. This particular case was no different and Mrs B did have to concede a 25% reduction in her compensation for failing to notice the defect in the mat which caused her fall.  She did however go on to make a good recovery from her injuries and find work again, albeit with another employer!  We successfully recovered a five figure award for this lady which was well deserved.

Contributory fault is very relevant in tripping cases, especially as our public roads and pavements seem to be in ever deteriorating condition. Every claimant is expected to be aware of the potential pitfalls when they are out and about and look out for those loose kerbstones, raised paving slabs and defective mats.