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The Perils of Undersettling Your Accident Claim

A recent issue of the Law Society Gazette reported an increasing number of professional negligence claims against law firms who had advised accident victims to settle for a lesser amount of compensation than the claim was worth.

Some of the most common reasons cited were an over-reliance on unqualified staff, insufficient time spent discussing the issues, and an inherent failure in understanding medical reports.

Don't Settle for Anything Less

The biggest culprits were panel firms of solicitors in the so called high-volume 'factories' who settle claims quickly without taking into account crucial factors which affect the claim's value.

New Deal Fair Deal can testify to this. Our lawyers have seen an increase in the number of people enquiring about settlements that they don't feel are sufficient.

We've obtained files from other firms and the catalogue of oversights and mistakes have been shocking.

A New Deal Fair Deal Success Story

We took over a case involving an accident victim who'd been advised by their lawyer to accept a pay-out of £6,000.

What the previous solicitors didn't take into account was the fact the claimant's injuries meant she wouldn't be able to look after her disabled son.

Without requiring any additional medical evidence, we increased her claim ten-fold to £60,000.

Profit Before Quality

The mind-set of many personal injury solicitors - especially those working on a fixed fee basis - is that they want to get the claim settled as quickly as possible so that they get paid as quickly as possible. They don't feel it's worth spending time on what they perceive as low value claims.

Firms who deal with a very high volume of claims generally use the most inexperienced, cheapest staff with only basic level legal training. Inevitably it becomes a breeding ground for incompetence and mistakes.

New Deal Fair Deal sets itself apart from the rest in that we pride ourselves in having a team of highly qualified extremely experienced injury lawyers who treat each client individually. We take the time to understand the client's situation and identify what their claim is truly worth.

A Specialist Solicitor for Your Case

Whatever your injury - head injury, hearing loss claim, road accident, for example - we have a specialist solicitor trained who will be experienced in that field. You can therefore take comfort in the fact your claim will be handled by the most appropriate and qualified lawyer.

We also believe in providing a complete personal service from beginning to end. We consult and advise you every step of the way before an agreement is reached.

Furthermore, we have relationships with specialist barristers who are always at hand to give their expert opinion on the value of your claim.

Your Right, Your Choice

Every client has the right to choose their own solicitor despite insurance companies encouraging claimants to use their panel lawyers- so you are entitled to choose us to represent you if that's your wish.

Second Opinion

We are always happy to provide a second opinion on an injury case. So, if you have an ongoing personal injury claim for which you feel you've been offered insufficient compensation or you has lost confidence in the way it is being run, contact us today and we'll be more than happy to review your case and offer a second opinion.

For a completely FREE, no obligation case assessment, call us today on 0800 955 1038, or email us at