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Volunteer Worker Receives Compensation for Foot Injury

Miss S was working in a voluntary capacity attempting to obtain some valuable work experience before returning to full time employment.  Whilst at work she went to use the ladies toilet facilities within the offices. However, when she opened a cubicle door it fell off its hinges, landing heavily on her foot.  She was immediately in a great deal of pain.  After hospital treatment it was realised that she had in fact suffered a fractured foot in the workplace accident. 

Miss S asked us to make an injury claim on her behalf. We were pleased to take the case on under a no win, no fee agreement.

The personal injury claim was commenced against Thames Reach Housing. Due to the strength of the legal claim liability was quickly admitted.  However, despite the admission of liability, the issue of contributory negligence was raised.  The defendants’ lawyers argued that a warning sign had been placed on the door to the ladies’ toilets.  Miss S disputed this. 

Unfortunately the Miss S did not make a good recovery from her foot fracture and extensive further medical treatment was required, including further surgery.  Again Miss S did not respond well and yet more surgery was required. 

Generally, a relatively minor foot injury (including a straightforward foot fracture) wouldn’t warrant compensation of much more than a few thousand pounds. However because our client did not respond well to medical treatment we argued that compensation at a higher level was appropriate. After negotiation with the defendants, Miss S eventually agreed to accept accident compensation in the sum of £18,000.  She received the compensation in full, without any deductions. We recovered our costs from the other side.

This is a clear example of how even a relatively small injury can develop into a complex medical condition, warranting a much higher award of compensation that might otherwise be appropriate. It is therefore essential that an experienced and fully qualified personal injury solicitor is appointed to deal with the claim, who is aware of the medical complexities of a case and the potential for recovering compensation at a higher level. In Miss S’s  case she had partner John Hasson fighting for her. John  is an immensely experienced PI lawyer and has specialised in accident claims for many years. He was the ideal lawyer to ensure that Miss S was properly compensated for her injuries.